Golden Globe Nominations: 3, PG-13 And when those cameras were rolling, they captured a self-made icon with a global audience. Oscar Nominations: 11 Via darkest comedy (the only way into the subject) and an unhinged Peter Sellers playing three separate parts, Kubrick made his point.—Joshua Rothkopf, One of those epochal films—there’s only a handful—that sits on the divide between silent cinema and the sound era but taps into the virtues of both, Fritz Lang’s serial-killer thriller burns with deep-etched visual darkness while perking ears with its whistled “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (performed by a purse-lipped Lang himself; his star, Peter Lorre, couldn’t whistle). Amrish Puri, Votes: Extreme Classics: The 100 Greatest Adventure Books of All Time "A list we had hoped our readers would enjoy turned out to be one of the most popular features in Adventure's five-year history. Lawrence, the English officer who successfully united and led the diverse, often warring, Arab tribes during World War I in order to fight the Turks. We only hope that audience members instinctively knew not to give away cinema’s first ever twist ending and ruin the sting of this fractured horror-fable for their pals. Golden Globes: 0 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972), Check out the best movies of all time as chosen by actors. $315.54M, Oscars: 4 “E.T. And let’s not forget the movie itself, which kicked off the “found-footage” trend. Director Robert Wiene conjured up something truly dark and lingering from its shadows: You can feel Dr. Caligari’s influence in everything from Tim Burton’s movies to Shutter Island.—Phil de Semlyen, This multilayered epic of country music, politics and relationships is Robert Altman’s signature achievement. Irvin Kershner | But respect must be paid to the performer, too: In a decade of brilliant acting, no turn was quite as galvanizing as the one given by Gena Rowlands in this stunning peek into a fraying mind. Director: It’s a triumph of buried political commentary and purest epic cinema. 877,624 the Extra-Terrestrial” Steven Spielberg's classic sci-fi story of an extraterrestrial stranded on planet Earth is pure movie magic. Enjoy! Of course, it’s a work of profound philosophical thought, too, so you’ll feel brainier for having seen it.—Phil de Semlyen, Worlds collide in Sofia Coppola's pitch-perfect tale of a movie star (Bill Murray) and a newlywed (Scarlett Johansson) in Tokyo. Spielberg proved that less is more when it comes to crafting a feeling of dread, barely even showing us the beast that went on to haunt a whole generation.—Dave Calhoun, The deliciously dark, stylish genre of film noir simply wouldn’t exist without Double Indemnity. Bruce Willis versus the Gimp? avg. Richard Attenborough, It’s a template for the swathe of noir flicks that would follow, offering up a jaded-but-noble gumshoe in Humphrey Bogart’s Sam Spade, a femme fatale (Mary Astor), a couple of shifty villains (Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre) and a labyrinthine plot that drags you around by the nose. Golden Globes: 0 Fritz Lang’s silent vision of a totalitarian society still astounds through its stunning cityscapes, groundbreaking special effects and a bewitchingly evil robot (Brigitte Helm). Martin Scorsese’s vision of vigilantism is filled with an uncomfortable ambience, and Paul Schrader’s screenplay probes philosophical depths that are brought to vicious life by Robert De Niro’s unforgettable performance.—Abbey Bender, The jewel in Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli’s crown, Spirited Away is a glorious bedtime story filled with soot sprites, monsters and phantasms—it’s a movie with the power to coax out the inner child in the most grown-up and jaded among us. | BAFTA Nominations: 6 At its heart it’s a coming-of-age story that follows a young Belarusian boy (Aleksei Kravchenko) through unspeakable horror as Nazi death squads visit an apocalypse on his region. It was also monumentally subversive, sneaking in a clutch of racy moments under the nose of Hollywood’s moralistic Hays Code and all but neutering it in the process. In weaving their stories together, Mann presents dueling but equally weighted perspectives, with our allegiance as viewers constantly shifting. The second this love story opens, you sense you are in the hands of a master. Stars: But there once was a moment when he needed to get serious, and this is it.—Joshua Rothkopf, Forget The Artist—sorry Uggie—and relish instead the sheer, serotonin-enhancing verve of MGM’s glorious epitaph to cinema’s silent era. $179.87M, Oscars: 1 | 126 min Steve McQueen, The gags come almost as fast as you can process them, with the typically pinpoint Chaplin slapstick conjured here from scenarios that seem purpose-built to end in disaster. Golden Globes: 0 Alongside its historical truths, the film’s grammar and visual language—there are passages that play like an ultra-violent acid trip—are what truly elevates it. Jack Hawkins, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972), 67. Most wonderfully, this comedy best celebrates the rule of wit: He—or, more often, she—with the sharpest tongue wins. The director shows restraint with setting and scope; the film focuses largely on the back-and-forth between Joan and her inquisitors. Victor Jory, $53.27M, PG (There’s not a band out there without at least one Spinal Tap moment to its name.) Director: $12.10M, Oscars: 0 Claudette Colbert’s spoiled heiress and Clark Gable’s opportunistic reporter hit the road and bicker their way toward a happily-ever-after ending, class barriers be damned. Hubris shapes history, and vice versa, in David Lean’s masterpiece of masculine megalomania: a diptych showing the rise and fall of a willowy Englishman and his visceral, almost atavistic infatuation with the Middle East. The 25 best adventure movies of all time. Follow me on instagram bellow video you top 10 list.Thanks for watching and dont forget to subscribe. 151 min The film also sports a perfect cast, with a top-of-his-game Jack Nicholson as a cynical private eye, an impossibly alluring Faye Dunaway as the femme fatale with a past so dark her final revelation still shocks, and the legendary John Huston as the monstrous millionaire at the heart of it all.—Bilge Ebiri, Not just any film gets homaged by Bill and Ted. 100 Best War Movies of All Time. Oscar Nominations: 1 From ‘Monty Python’ to ‘Don't Look Now’, British movies are have made cinematic history. Haya Harareet, Votes: William Holden, Carrie Fisher, Golden Globe Nominations: 4, PG By DeAnna Janes. An unyielding critique of capitalism through the story of an everyman’s losing battle to safeguard a hard-earned job and preserve his dignity in the eyes of his son, Bicycle Thieves continues to inform the most humanist works of our time, from Winter’s Bone to Shoplifters.—Tomris Laffly, Christopher Nolan’s brooding, expansive Batman sequel fuses the comic-book flick with the crime epic, and delivers something truly special: a pop spectacle with passages of surprisingly potent despair. This postmodern movie-brat pastiche references a virtual syllabus of genre classics, from Metropolis and Triumph of the Will to Kurosawa’s samurai actioners, Flash Gordon serials and WWII thrillers like The Dam Busters. | A landmark of independent black cinema, it’s set to a great soundtrack ranging from blues and classical to Paul Robeson. 105 min 61%. David Lynch’s glamorous nightmare of Los Angeles is dense with mystery, terror and uncanny sexiness—themes that had long been a constant of the auteur’s work, but which here reached their lurid apotheosis.—Abbey Bender, The pinnacle of Italian Neorealism, Vittorio de Sica’s postwar masterwork exemplifies the movement’s socioeconomic concerns, maneuvering its stylistic conventions with heartbreaking poignancy. Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975), 51. Déjà vu! Peter Bull, Votes: ... Alexander sees Colin Firth star as the the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest wartime leaders of all time. The Greatest Films can't be measured scientifically because greatness is extremely subjective. In 1935, Indiana Jones arrives in India, still part of the British Empire, and is asked to find a mystical stone. BAFTA Nominations: 5 | Gross: Completing this vivid psychodrama is Bernard Herrmann’s alarmingly duplicitous score, which twists its way to a towering finale.—Tomris Laffly, Increasingly a giant of world cinema, France’s Claire Denis continues to confound expectations, making movies in sync with her own offbeat rhythms and thematic preoccupations (colonialism, power, repressed attraction). Not forgetting co-director Stanley Donen, who was always happy to let his stars take the credit but deserves an equal share for a musical that never puts a foot wrong.–Phil de Semlyen, Has this one taken its place as Martin Scorsese’s peak achievement yet? | 1,628,596 Check out the 50 best adventure films of all time, ranked by Adjusted Tomatometer score! Golden Globes: 0 Director: Sean Bean, Votes: Steven Spielberg M is like a sonar listening to a pre-Nazi Germany on the cusp of shedding its humanity.—Joshua Rothkopf, Set in (eek!) Stars: (in my opinion) The list does not include animated movies. Stars: It even won him an unlikely Oscar.—Joshua Rothkopf, An antiwar movie, a courtroom thriller, an upstairs-downstairs study of social status, a religious critique, an absurdist satire and, finally, a heartbreakingly futile plea for compassion in the face of destruction, Stanley Kubrick’s humanist masterpiece dissects all the delusional facets of the male psyche. Additionally, we picked only classical period films, so you get outta here with that Best Picture-winning neo-Western nonsense! The story of T.E. National Geographic Adventure Magazine (April 2004) Poetic, compassionate, angry, ironic: All human life is present here.—Ian Freer, There’s a tendency in these greatest-of-all-time exercises to prioritize the director, the camerawork or the screenplay. 1,112,563 We’ve gone through the most popular, top-earning, and the best-reviewed animated movies of all-time to select what we believe to be the 100 best animated movies ever. Citizen Kane’s story of a wealthy man’s rise and fall is forever relevant, and the techniques Welles used to tell it are still unparalleled nearly 80 years later. 265,883 Orlando Bloom, Votes: Max Schreck’s insectlike performance as the bloodthirsty Count Orlok is just as transfixing and repulsive as it was almost a century ago. The revolution triggered by Goodfellas is only now becoming apparent: Without it, you don’t have The Sopranos, the golden age of television or the Reservoir Dogs diner scene. Naomi Watts, Shape-shifting her way through Edith Head’s transformational costumes, Kim Novak haunts in two roles: Madeleine Elster and Judy Barton, both objects of desire for James Stewart’s curious ex-cop. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Golden Globe Nominations: 4, PG Jeff Goldblum, Alison Doody, Set in a German POW camp during WWI, the film lays bare the fault lines of class and nationality among a group of French prisoners and their German captors and comes to the conclusion that all that really matters is man’s nobility toward his fellow man.—Phil de Semlyen, Calling this one the peak of screwball comedy may be too limiting: Among the many topflight movies directed by journeyman filmmaker Howard Hawks, His Girl Friday is his most romantic and most verbose (the constant banter feels like foreplay). | Gross: 860,204 | Charlton Heston, Adventure, Biography, Drama. Steven Spielberg $760.51M, ***** Only English-language movies released in the U.S. were considered for the list, and each movie needed both a Metascore and at least 20,000 votes on IMDb to qualify. Harrison Ford, Action, Adventure, Drama. Flashbacks have never been so thrillingly deployed; nearly 70 years after its release, filmmakers are still trying to catch up to its achievements.—Abbey Bender, Jean Renoir cemented his virtuosity with this pitch-perfect study of social-strata eruptions among the ditzy, idle rich, about to be blown sideways by WWII. With countless iconic details—a horse’s severed head, Marlon Brando’s wheezy voice, Nino Rota’s catchy waltz—The Godfather’s authority lives on.—Tomris Laffly, Maybe you’ve heard of this one? There is so much to love in Fassbinder’s shag-carpeted showdown, which goes beyond the spectacle of two dueling fashionistas into a profound exploration of aging and obsolescence.—Joshua Rothkopf, Few film movements can boast the hit rate of Italian neorealism, a post-WWII wave dedicated to working-class struggle that seems to comprise only masterpieces. Additionally, we picked only classical period films, so you get outta here with that Best Picture-winning neo-Western nonsense! The 36 Best Action/Adventure Movies of All Time.