I ate all of the pork rib, sausage, and brisket if that means anything. What is in store for next year's trip? I basically had a three meat plate (brisket, hot guts, and beef rib) in my hand. It was moist and had the right amount of fat. I am not a fan of turkey normally, but the slice I had was fantastic. I got hooked up when I got to the stand. I try to be as transparent as possible with the blog. Sometimes when you watch them cut the meat, you know it is not going to be a good experience. Have they tried their meat? I have only been here once just because of that reason. I really wanted barbecue this day and decided to give the Rudy's name a chance to redeem themselves. Yes, I know. It was gray inside instead of a red color throughout. Ils sont d’inséparables amis qui f... Minibus était une émission des années 80 animée par Rémy Girard et Pauline Martin, et co-animé par Johanne Beauchamps, Marc Legeault, Marcel... Télé-Québec, 1995-1998. Maybe I should start a crowdfunding so I can do a NYC BBQ tour? I gave up after a few bites. It was cut into huge chunks covered with sauce. This was going to be our last stop because we were running out of time. Ice cream always sounds so good with barbecue. It was worth the hour long subway and bus ride. Les frimousses, ce sont trois enfants de cinq à six ans qui retrouvent Léa dans la Forêt magique. I might have tasted some smoke, but I was not sure. So far, it has my best out of state review. The sausage is made by the Texas Sausage Company which is the same people who make the sausage for, Bland was the story here. I was born and raised in the Cleveland area. Maybe next time when I go back. The brisket and sausage were tasty. The brisket was not good at all. I am thinking of hitting up Delaney Barbecue too. I left the thick fat cap on it. There was a nice pop from the casing, and the blend tasted fine. This one barely fit in there. I think the situation is funny, but the general public will benefit from it. Profitez de tout le contenu disponible de TVA en rattrapage ou en primeurs sur TVA+ - TVA est un point de ralliement pour tous les Québécois. It was not what I was expecting. Une émission pour la jeunesse est une émission télévisée ou radiodiffusée de divertissement ou de culture générale destinée au jeune public.. I thought I might see a homeless person and give them the food. You can even buy their sauces from HEB now. Smokey Bones. The line was about 50 people or so deep when the food was starting to be served. It was a cold night and was below freezing. Pre-ordering is the way to go. I have seen pork belly sliced but not pulled before. The broccoli was well broccoli. Our next stop was, https://www.facebook.com/MeyersElginSmokehouse. The meats are smoked and then reheated on the grill when someone orders it. I was lazy and did not know any better. Our trays included a piece of the beef rib, brisket, and pork rib. Nope. Even the macaroni and cheese was not good. Brisket is 28 bucks per pound. Il y a aussi un camion roug... Grujot et Délicat est une série télévisée jeunesse canadienne en plus d'une centaine d'épisodes scénarisée par Jean Besré et Clémenc... One of the stops on #HogTripping was a Texas BBQ stop. . Ronnie Killen cooked a ton of barbecue. It was overcast and cool which is rare for September in Austin. Hometown Bar-B-Que is owned by. I did wish for a little bit more smoke. I have eaten at or tried the rest at. There was so much fat. When the staff came around gauging how much food everyone was ordering, they informed us there will probably not be any pork ribs left for us. Franklin Barbecue was closed for a couple of weeks this summer to build it. I ended up cutting a lot of it off after I smoked the brisket. Hometown also serves a beef link but was not available today. The first thing you will notice on the menu is the price of the meats. I was bummed. I took the food to go because I felt bad. Yes, I know. My friend Rob that night said it best, "I did not eat dinner because I didn't want the taste of Franklin Barbecue to leave my mouth." I like my coworkers but not that much plus the smallest package was 15 pounds. Besides the line, this is their only other flaw. It was dry and boring. Traveling out of town with me is not easy. Grade: N/A, Address: 454 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, I was back in Cleveland. I am still going to make a trip to San Antonio soon. It had a nice balance of moisture, rub, and smoke. We got a tour of the new smokehouse. The last time I went, I had a. Rudy's off of 360 was one of the first barbecue joints I have eaten at. They were dry, but the rub had a nice spice. The lines and crowd were longer and bigger this year. This visit affirmed everything I know. The rub was tasty and complemented the meat well. If I was smoking it for friends, I might have reconsidered. I should have also tried some of jalapeñ, o and cheese sausage. L'Émission pour tous (2014) L'habit ne fait pas Lemoine (2009) ... Jeunesse. Good smoke though. Ronnie Killen has decided to show up on John's home turf and show who's boss. I remember the food being awesome, but I also had nothing better to compare it to back then. The macaroni and cheese was very cheesy but good. Aaron Franklin was the front greeting and taking pictures. Émissions jeunesse au Québec. The meat gave little resistance to my teeth. (Belton)- We were slowing down at this point, but it was not going to stop me to grab some meat from Miller's. I normally get my brisket at Costco, but they were out of the choice grade. Jeunesse et famille à Télé-Québec : des émissions, des sites et des jeux pour les tout-petits, les jeunes et la famille. was nice to lend them his huge Klose. The two hours flew by as I was checking in guests. I got carried away and might have ordered too much. They are both on my radar. Au sein de ce type d'émission sont souvent présentés des séquences de divertissement (scénettes avec des marionnettes, chansons, jeux, informations, vulgarisation) ainsi que des séries ou des dessins animés I was too full. There is a cold spot about two thirds away from the firebox. The sausage was solid. The ribs were slightly better. I had to get some vegetables somehow. Heed my advice and stop in Belton sometime soon. There was something off about the flavor profile. Jeunesse Global year-end revenue, 2009—2014 (USD Million), 2015–2019 (USD Billion). (Lexington)- One of the longer lines netted you the Texas trinity. Make my own sausage? This bad boy weighed in at 13.5 pounds. It had a deep smoke and was very tender. We exchanged ... Madame Pepperpot (du norvegien : Teskjekjerringa, traduction : la dame à la cuillère) est un personnage de fiction tirée d’une série de livr... Dans un paradis lointain connu sous le nom de «L'ile de Corail», habitent les Touftoufs. The brisket was great again. Sure their brisket is great, but how about some sausage? It did have a good texture and snap/pop. Address: 500 Hull St, San Marcos, TX 78666. It did have a decent amount of smoke. It was longer than previous years. The brisket was tender with the right amount of fat. Il y a aussi un camion roug... Grujot et Délicat est une série télévisée jeunesse canadienne en plus d'une centaine d'épisodes scénarisée par Jean Besré et Clémenc... One of the stops on #HogTripping was a Texas BBQ stop. It was essentially macaroni and cheese with queso poured over it. Maybe. Émission du 20 mars 2014. Kent is a third generation pitmaster, and his sons Barret and Eric are also helping him in San Marcos. I saw a picture of Ruby's B-B-Q when the owner visited Texas. The grit and snap were ideal. I wonder if I should keep trying barbecue every time I go to Cleveland. We typically forget about pork butt in Texas. The plate also came with coleslaw and broccoli with garlic toast. I might take some welding classes so I can build my own. They are only served on the weekends. I had two bites of the sausage. I have no idea what I am smoking next. I have smoked a few since then so I have it "down. Patrick Sébastien fête ses 40 ans de scène, entourés d'amis, qui investissent pour l'occasion l'Olympia, à Paris. Where would the smokers go? I ended up finding choice for $2.48 a pound at H-E-B. Grade: Other, https://www.facebook.com/House-Park-Bar-B-Q, This is the second consecutive year and third all-time that I have gone to the, BBQ Fest. It has cast iron grill plates which holds heat well but also cooks the meat faster. Rédaction Affaires de Gars 07/04/2015. 2013 : prix Gémeaux, catégorie Meilleure animation série jeunesse pour KARV, l'anti.gala 2012; 2014 : prix Artis, catégorie Meilleure artiste d'émission jeunesse pour L'Appart du 5e; 2013 : nomination à l'Oscar du meilleur court métrage de fiction pour le court-métrage Henry I have had better brisket from here before. Not this year. I am not sure how House Park House Park Bar-B-Que is in business with the limited hours. The flavor of the pork belly was superb. Some of the places I have been to in Texas do not put their heart and passion into the 'cue and it shows. Everyone on the trip shared similar opinions. The pork sausage was boring. They did not bring their huge Klose smoker because they had trouble getting it to Austin. I skipped out on the jalapeñ, o cheddar sausage this time. The meat could barely stay on the bone. It was tender and moist. I wrapped it in butcher paper first then plastic wrap and then a towel and threw it in a cooler. The beef sausage was the winner here. The sweet rub played well with the smoke. It was not as smoky as I wanted it to be. The tater tot casserole was a good change of pace. They are opening another location in Bastrop this fall. Retrouvez la grille TV complète des dessins animés pour les enfants ainsi que des émissions éducatives pour les plus grands & accédez à toutes les News TV. I had a lot of leftovers. . 2013-2014 / Épisode 359 / 45:56 . This slogan is similar to another Austin barbecue, I ordered a two-meat plate with moist brisket and pork ribs with a half link of sausage. I made a mistake to stop by the "best" barbecue restaurant in the area. (Pearland) - This was our first stop, and the line was relatively short. Ces créatures sympathiques se sont fabriquées u... . ADG Vous suggère. Le lauréat 2014 du Prix | Jeunesse (6-11 ans Québec) comme sugges... tion de lecture à l'émission Cochon dingue (Télé-Québec) ! I did not hate Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill, but I for sure did not love it. (Dallas)- Because we had to wait for a little bit, I was disappointed that all we got was brisket. Bummed. Everything was excellent. It was a little too greasy. The brisket and sausage were good. I would have probably wanted to try way more, but today, I was going to relax, enjoy myself, drink a few beers, and eat some great barbecue. My wife. It had a crunchy bark from the pepper and smoke. I did not give the fat time and heat to render down correctly. There was not a whole lot of flavor and could have used more fat. I would go back to Kent Black's Barbecue. The half rack of the jerk baby back ribs was delicious. The smoke was fine though. The rub and smoke meddle together forming a deep flavor with every bite. Et découvre les secrets de la porte mystère! I could not find a smoke ring, but you could taste the smoke in the crusty exterior. Texas Monthly BBQ editor Daniel Vaughn caused a stir when he said "The brisket I've had in NYC lately is better than a lot of places Texas" in this, . They like their BBQ covered in sauce? I arrived to Kent Black's shortly after they had opened for the day. (Austin)- This was the second longest line, but I got a chance to do a little bit of socializing. I arrived at Foreign & Domestic just before 10 AM, and there were only a few people waiting around. I have had it at festivals and through pre-orders since then. I was disappointed in the house-made. This was one of them. It is probably not the best time of the day to go judge the quality of barbecue though. Killer. The grit and pop were on point though. Yeah I do not like my smoker. Smart decision. Besides the salty crust, there was not a lot of flavor after that. Overall I was satisfied with the results. 2014 sera l'année de la jeunesse ! I ordered a slice of moist brisket, one pork sparerib, a link of sausage, and a side of creamed corn. I only had a few bites of it. Barbecue is just a hot commodity right now, and I love it. VIDEO Dimanche en Politique : la jeunesse face à la COVID - Voir ou revoir l'émission "C’est dur d’avoir 20ans en 2020…" Emmanuel Macron lui-même l’a reconnu. I need to get a new smoker. Although it was lunch time and they were busy, the line moved at a brisk pace. Brisket is king here in Texas, and Billy can smoke a mean one. Lewis Barbecue doesn't serve whole hog, but it does not mean I was ... Back in the middle of June (2018), Andrew (Tales from the Pits) and I started to talk about wanting to do a Carolina BBQ trip. Consultez les programmes à venir et abonnez-vous au podcast ! We have had consistently good barbecue every time we go. It had a good flavor but was dry and missing the smoky tones I am looking for. «Mais où se cache Carmen Sandiego?» est un jeu-questionn... Johnson, un toutou éléphant rose courageux, conduit ses amis dans diverses aventures dans la chambre de Michael. I am not sure why the brisket was served on top of a slice of bread. It has been a long time since I stood in line at Franklin. It tasted like a dry pot roast with barbecue sauce on it. I want to buy a new smoker, but I am not ready yet. You sign up online about a month ahead; order over five pounds of meat, and walk up and pick up your delicious meat without waiting in line. Is that possible at Franklin? I did enjoy the steamed broccoli and cornbread though. My wife and I went on a "diet" before the trip so I was limited to how much barbecue I can eat. Aaron Franklin of. That was my extent of Cleveland "barbecue." Ronnie and his crew were up all night smoking the 1500 pound of meat they brought in. I might have gone there on their off days. We got to the door around 12:15. The other BBQ joints that were there, but we did not make it around to sample: It was the Super Bowl of Texas BBQ. I ordered moist and got lean. I have modified my smoker since. I had no idea how big they were and ordered three. The DSN Global 100 List is the most prestigious ranking in the world for direct selling companies. I find some truth in that statement. I have done brisket in the electric smoker before, but it was time to try to do it the more "traditional' way. This time, work had me going to Cleveland, OH. It had a smoke ring, but without, I would have guessed the brisket was done in an oven. Nope. They must have cooked it too high and fast. Too bad my work's headquarter is not located in one of the better BBQ regions. I also added a baffle by the firebox to help with temperature control in the cooking chamber. Toutes les infos essentielles, la critique Télérama, la bande annonce, les diffusions TV et les replay. This should have been one of the busier tents, but it was not. Five hours or more? I was a little overwhelmed with the seven different types of meat in front of me. They had some smoked pork belly at their booth. Maybe one more time? My wallet was 80 bucks lighter that day. I checked out the meat market before we left and bought some fresh breakfast sausage. The brisket had two stories. Brisket prices have been increasing as of late. I was feeling full already, but I still went for my usual. I could drink that stuff. Perfect timing. The food tasted better than it looked. I am not sure why I even go anymore. They will have an opportunity to sample Ronnie's work without driving as far. I wish the land in Austin was more affordable to pull it off. The creamed corn was good as usual. It needed more smoke and a better defined bark/crust. My thought was to cook it well-done like most cuts of beef and hit 160 degrees. The pork rib had decent smoke and was soft and juicy. I thought Meyer's was so-so. I ordered the St Louis spareribs and Texas brisket combo plate with two sides. The first time I smoked a brisket I had no idea what I was doing. It was fattier, but Meyer's tasted better. Rédaction Affaires de Gars 25/02/2015. The brisket I got was on the bigger size. Not bad flaws to have if you can call them flaws. I enjoyed the coarse grit and the snap from the casing. With the new smokehouse, the weather elements will not affect the smoking process as much which allows for shorter and better cook times. Sad. The pulled pork was average. When I was a kid, I remember eating ribs and liking it. First Years *2014 Cours de baiser Série jeunesse Inédit. I was on my lunch break so I had to pass. Lorsque Antenne 2 devient France 2, l'offre jeunesse évolue avec la création de Sparadra mais conserve des émissions Debout les petits bouts, Giga et Hanna-Barbera dingue dong. Meyer's also has a meat market on site. The barbecue is just okay, but there are days it could surprise you. Someday. I expected more heat and to taste more cheese. Épisode complet. le Mar 27 Mai 2014 - 3:25 Caline: Sujets Réponses Auteur Vues Derniers Messages ; L'ile aux enfants : 19: Caline: 10058: le Dim 19 Mai 2019 - 20:08 Invité : Les Minikeums [version 2017] émission jeunesse … The dynamics of going as a group is completely different than going by yourself. There were five of us so I wanted to make sure no one was hungry after we left Franklin. I checked on the temperature every 30 minutes or so. The ribs were tender but dry. The artificial lightning above the plate did not help. It was definitely a meaty sausage, but I wanted a little bit more of fat. A Yankee smoking meat? The pork ribs were delicious. What a genuine guy! The rubs were really salty though. . The all-beef sausage was good, but I think prefer Meyer's more. Beef ribs? That was not definitely Texas brisket. «Mais où se cache Carmen Sandiego?» est un jeu-questionn... Johnson, un toutou éléphant rose courageux, conduit ses amis dans diverses aventures dans la chambre de Michael. Retrouvez le programme TV complet et gratuit de Orange du mardi 2 février 2021 de la nuit 04h à 06h, chaîne par chaîne, heure par heure avec Télé-Loisirs We got there around 9:15 AM and were about 50 people back. The pickles and onions were free here. Smoked brisket is king in the state of Texas. I am not getting paid so there is no reason for me to not to be. I put some aluminum roof flashing in the chimney to draw the smoke lower. I need to make a BBQ trip to San Antonio, and I am sure my wife would not mind a wine trip to Fredericksburg that includes a visit to Cranky Frank's. ", I was going to smoke a brisket for my coworkers for a potluck. The sausage was awful for smoked sausage. Grade: A+. TMBBQ Fest 2014 This is the second consecutive year and third all-time that I have gone to the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest. Sure there is wait, but the prize at the end of the tunnel is superb 'cue. jalapeño-cheddar sausage. Watch a short video to learn more about Jeunesse. Aaron however did a great job with the pulled pork. I think? Please enable JavaScript to continue using this application. The saucy exterior hid a lot of the impurities. It has been over two years. Cranky Frank’s Barbeque Company (Fredericksburg)- I thought the brisket and pork butt was all right. The coleslaw was creamy. . A link of the beef sausage was huge so we went with half of a link. Remember they do it high and fast. I wish I used more rub though. VIP tickets might be worth the price because trying to eat all 25 places might not be possible in three hours. Lunch was 11:30 am so I hoped the meat would stay relatively warm. My last barbecue experience outside of the state of Texas was not so good. It was also all about the sauce at the time. It was like eating a bratwurst. 20 photos qui ont marqué l'enfance de tous ceux qui sont nés dans les années 90. There were no flavors, and it was bland. The pork ribs were soft and juicy. The bottom of the meat was a little charred because of it. Other than that, the sausage was tasty. I could not pass on getting some brisket. Not sure. I could not get good pictures of the outside so I stopped by again during the day. 1 avr. The spices were not overwhelming and made a great duo with the sweet undertones. Lately, it seems like New York City is a hotbed for barbecue. 07h00. I created my own combo. House Park Bar-B-Que is one of the hardest places to get barbecue from for me. Kyle, Buda, Pflugerville, or Round Rock? Du lundi au dimanche jusqu’à midi, les matinées à Télé-Québec sont toujours consacrées à la jeunesse. We finally arrived at the counter at 12:45 PM. There has been a BBQ feud on Twitter between Killen's and. The rendering of the fat was on point. La rédaction de France Inter compte une centaine de journalistes et produit des flashs et journaux d'informations toutes les heures, ainsi que des émissions d'actualités aux grands carrefours d'audience. How do you screw that up? Anything along Interstate 35 would be a big hit. We got smoked cabbage, macaroni and cheese, and green beans on the side. Jusqu'au 22 octobre 2014, Monludo.fr était le « Portail jeunesse de France Télévisions ». Franklin Barbecue is my answer, but I am hesitant because of the long wait/line. A line is always warranted anytime John Lewis is manning the smoker. TMBBQ put on an excellent event. Salt and pepper. It had a great taste from the pepper and garlic blend. Here is an article on, I did not trim the fat in the past. I asked the waiter at Famous Dave's what the cooking process was. 19h08. There has been even a debate if it should be the official dish of the state. When I return back to Elgin, Southside Market & Barbeque will be my go-to. I have had worse. I enjoyed every bite I took. This is New York so it is definitely not cheap. Progressive's headquarter is located here. Killen's and La Barbecue were my favorites from the event. (Taylor)- I need to make a trip back to Taylor. You might start to see BBQ joints charge more for it. You would think the two would not go together. This time they had brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, and jalapeño sausage to choose from. FND is a locally owned restaurant that serves seasonal American-European fare. If they do not think this is good barbecue, they might want to get their taste buds checked out. I have been patiently waiting a couple of months to check them out because I wanted to give them some time to find their stride. My wife loves the chopped beef and chicken. I pulled the brisket off the smoker around 7:30 am when the temperatures were around 190 degrees. I could live solely off this brisket. There was not a lot of fat left on it. I wish Pearland was a suburb of Austin. The brisket was less dry than the first time. They have a pretty extensive menu. Sure, some places in town are only open for lunch, but their line snakes around the building. It was recommended to me so I could not pass it up. It had bits of corn and jalapeno in it. She is the gem of barbecue. When we got there, there was no line at all. The ribs were a little better. Bazzo. I want it all. What we need to think about is will Ronnie move into the Austin barbecue scene? I enjoy their sausage, but I wish they made it in-house. The honey mesquite BBQ sauce had a nice sweet flavor. The meat was juicy and smoky. It has to be one of the best things I have ever bought into my mouth. I normally go with spareribs but went with the baby back ribs instead. I had trouble finding a barbecue restaurant that served brisket. I ended up going to Famous Dave's. and I met up with friends here one evening. I would go back and try the baby back ribs or the huge beef ribs. He has done a few festivals here already. There are 25 joints at this year's event, and the two place I have yet to try are The Granary ’Cue and Brew and Cranky Frank’s Barbeque Company. Rudy's Country Store And Bar-B-Q is a good stop if you are in a hurry or need something to eat for dinner. Everything on the menu is pretty decent. I loaded more oak into the firebox throughout the night. The sausage is made to their specification by Texas Sausage Co. (Spicewood)- No baby back ribs? Des vidéos amusantes. Everything was excellent that I forgot about their three sauces. 2018 - Découvrez le tableau Emissions jeunesse 70-80-90 de Jean-Baptiste It was another great showing by Killen's Barbecue in spite of the weather. I ordered moist brisket, pork rib, and sausage. We had some friends meat us at various points while we are waiting. Watch Queue Queue The rub gave it a nice texture. Planète Jeunesse : Dessin Animés, Feuilletons, Emissions de notre Jeunesse Hopefully that will not stand up. One bite into the brisket and I was transported to that magical place. The pork rib was quite good. Amber and I took the day off so we can wait in line at Franklin. There was free beer provided by Saint Arnold. Nothing needs barbecue sauce from here, but I love the sweet jalapeño sauce. The sausage was not good. We ended up waiting for about 50 minutes for a pile of brisket, pulled pork, and turkey. It was terrible. There is even a bar area. I bought a long knife online just to slice brisket. It was actually not terrible. True. TOUS! (Llano)- The sausage, pork rib, and brisket were all cooked nicely. Everything was juicy and tender. I try to hit up as many BBQ joints as I can. It is probably because I am a BBQ fanatic/nut and will jump at a chance to eat some of the best barbecue in the world all at one location. The event was held at Foreign & Domestic. I normally like it around 10 pounds. I could not stop eating it. The sides were fresh steamed broccoli and Dave's Cheesy Mac & Cheese. It was also missing a well-developed bark. I have also added brown sugar and cayenne pepper in the past. I could have eaten a few more, but I needed to pace myself. I was going to keep the rub real simple this time. The temperature only got up to 300+ degrees a couple of times for a few moments. I got a nice bark on the brisket the next time I used the smoker. A lot of the places I eat at, the smoked meats are cut in front of you. The garlic toast was my highlight of the meal. I added a pork baby back rib, and my wife got some blackberry cobbler. I was surprised the line was so long on a Tuesday. Before I sat down, I cleaned my hands in the automatic hand washer. Every bite was rich and savory. I was afraid with the festival being moved up a month that it was going to be blazing hot. I liked the jalapeño sausage more than the original sausage. What I do not get is how some people think Franklin is overhyped. It was not smoked long enough. The Granary ’Cue and Brew (San Antonio)- Their dinner menu is very eclectic, but they still serve traditional BBQ for lunch. The explosion of flavor that came from the bark was delightful. So many great places to try and eat at. They are a national chain and even have a location in Texas. Amber and I shared a sliced of moist brisket, a pork rib, a ring of sausage, and a little bit of turkey. Any other day that would have sounded good, but I was on a mission. The coarse grit and fat were on point. It cut the meat pretty well. It was juicy and flavorful. Instead they brought the smaller Lang, and Wayne Mueller of. It is a Jacuzzi for your hands and a perk for going to one of the Austin locations. My first review on my blog was on Franklin, and you can find it. Ils sont d’inséparables amis qui f... Minibus était une émission des années 80 animée par Rémy Girard et Pauline Martin, et co-animé par Johanne Beauchamps, Marc Legeault, Marcel... Télé-Québec, 1995-1998. We ate every single one. It was the star of the show. Address: 2451 S. Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78746, is our favorite BBQ spot in Lockhart. The brisket was just terrible. I have to preface my answer. It is my favorite and the best barbecue I have ever had. The prices are very affordable. The only meat that was missing was beef ribs. Au sein de l'établissement, tout le public est déguisé. I was able to control the heat and fire a lot better than my other attempts with this smoker. It was like eating a mini pork chop. Sign in. We also got an order of macaroni and cheese that I forgot to try. I know Food Network chef Michael Symon is opening a barbecue restaurant downtown. I am not a fan of my combo grill/smoker. It was so tender and smoky. Emission jeunesse Inédit. It makes me want to drive back to Pearland. I sampled. The brisket was good. I put the brisket in the smoker at 8pm.