Thor Odinsonis the Asgardian God of Thunder, superhero, and a member of the Avengers. These moments are often a source of humor in the MCU films, which creates an interesting tone as the two heavy hitters slug it out. 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However, only Hulk was strong enough to wear the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame and durable enough to snap his fingers and bring everyone Thanos had killed back. As for Thor, his levels of power have continuously evolved, to the point that he learned lightning was his to command -- even without a hammer. Hulk is fueled by his anger; he will throw everything he has into each and every punch. He has red cape and a black torso with metallic grey arms and flesh hands. With CBR, he has been able to write about his favorite subjects, from the MCU to Doctor Who. If it came down to a final battle to determine the strongest Avenger, the immediate assumption for most fans would be Thor. He is so strong that he often admits he is holding back, because if he released his true strength it would cause too much destruction. It is a popular belief that Mjolnir gives Thor this power, but that is not the case. Hulk Vs is a direct-to-video animation film by Marvel Studios and Lionsgate, based on the character Hulk. A clear winner was not determined then, as the Hulk was sent crashing down to Earth after a fighter jet exploded. Thor often pulls his punches due to the destruction he can cause to the surrounding area. He’s trapped on Sakaar, unable to break free from the Obedience Disk the Grandmaster has implanted in his neck, and forced to fight. Just when it looked like the Asgardian was about to win this round, however, an intervention from the Grandmaster allowed Hulk to be crowned the winner. The Hulk is the alter-ego of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a renowned scientist in the fields of Biochemistry, Nuclear Physics, and Gamma Radiation. Already battered by Thanos, Thor was barely able to move a muscle in the ravaged spaceship. Comic is professionally graded by the CGC with a grade of 2.0! Out of this stems one of the bigger rivalries of the MCU, which can be found between the God of Thunder and the Jade Giant, who have long argued over which of them is the ‘strongest Avenger.’. After Thor accepted his mother’s heritage, he was not only able to control the weather, but also the earth. Hulk has a greater resistance to psychic attacks than Thor does. 8 Netflix Movies We're Looking Forward to in 2021, Brothers by Blood Is a Bleak Drama About Cycles of Violence, Chris Evans' MCU Return Will Be More Powerful as an EVIL Captain America, Actor Jaimie Alexander Heads to Australia for Thor: Love and Thunder, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Will Be Feature-Length, Avengers Fan Theory Solves Endgame's 'Two Ant-Men' Problem - Brilliantly, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Debuts Its Answer to Slimer - Meet Muncher, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' '90s Film Costumes Were an Absolute Nightmare, Modern Cyberpunk Keeps Forgetting the 'Punk', Russo Brothers Will Use the Marvel Model for Extraction 2, How the MCU's Asgardians ACTUALLY Became Gods, Locked Down Is a Witty Rom-Com With a Pandemic Heist Twist. However, writers often bring different takes on the characters to each story they pen, which can make it difficult to determine the answer to that burning question. While Thor has the edge against energy and magical attacks, we would give the physical durability to Hulk. Thor, on the other hand, has lost a number of fights to opponents he should easily defeat, simply because of his arrogance. He has fought in thousands more battles than the Hulk and that statistic definitely gives him a tactical advantage in this debate. Even in a recent interview shortly before his death Stan Lee said Thor would beat the hulk, hulk is just a mortal, Thor is a god. The God Blast is Thor’s most powerful attack. Role-play an arena duel between Thor and Hulk and then team up with these two old friends to topple Grandmaster. However, he has survived energy blasts from Celestials and from Odin himself. One advantage to the Hulk being fueled by rage is that he can never be reasoned with. While Thor has an incredible level of stamina, Hulk actually has limitless stamina. But even though they are willing to lay everything on the line to save the lives of countless people, their egos still take up a whole lot of room. If the pair decided that the only way to determine the strongest Avenger was a bare-knuckled brawl with Hulk, the Asgardian god might actually lose. He's been trained in hand to hand combat from birth. The battle was a whopping display of power for both characters, and it showed that, in terms of strength, they were close to equals -- at least, at the time. Thor has a soft spot for Earth and its creatures, which unfortunately can be seen as a weakness in a fight. In the MCU, the God of Thunder and the Jade Giant have had a rivalry as to who is really the ‘strongest Avenger.’, In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers are heroes, through and through. Ian Cardona has written for CBR since 2017. Unlike Thor, Hulk would not let arrogance get in his way. Weather control is one of Thor’s most impressive powers. The rivalry between Thor and Hulk began in 2012’s The Avengers. Hulk Vs. Thor: Asgard, realm of the gods.For ages, Loki the trickster has sought a way to bring defeat to his accursed stepbrother, Thor. The film actually consists of two shorter films: Hulk vs. Wolverine and Hulk vs. Thor. Hulk has one of the most impressive healing factors in the Marvel Universe. The torso is printed with two large light grey circles and two slightly smaller beneath them conne… Thor Vs. Hulk: Who Is REALLY the MCU’s Strongest Avenger? They showed the real power they each held -- and even more, as Thor started to demonstrate that, even without his hammer, he was still the God of Thunder. The discussion is about who is the strongest, so even a powerful weapon can be stronger than the commanding leader. Things would then be taken to the next level in Thor: Ragnarok when the God of Thunder and the Jade Giant would enter a no-holds-barred rematch in the Contest of Champions arena on Sakaar. In the past, Thor has destroyed planets simply by punching someone on that planet. In other MCU films, both Thor and Hulk have shown just how powerful they really are. Fans have seen Hulk take down Abomination, entire Chitauri Leviathans by himself, as well as Hela’s Fenris wolf. He can renew any cell type in his body almost instantaneously, which allows him to regrow skin, limbs, organs and tissues whenever necessary. In this list we will examine 10 reasons that Thor is the strongest and 10 reasons that it is actually the Hulk. This means the upper measure of his strength is unknown, but what is known is that his physical strength exceeds the Hulk’s. When it comes to deciding who is the strongest Avenger, this overpowered ability must be part of the conversation. Even further, when Hulk went to the planet Sakaar and spilled his blood on the barren planet, it produced a flower, something the planet had not seen for years. The rivalry between Thor and Hulk began in 2012’s The Avengers. Like most of the powers the Hulk displays, his resistance to psychic attacks will increase the angrier he becomes, which essentially means this power is limitless. In a diner on the city's outskirts, he approached Carl Creel, a.k.a. It is difficult for even the most powerful psychics to control Hulk because of the dual personalities already residing in his mind. Up for purchase is Journey Into Mystery #112 Silver Age from the Marvel Comics Group. The power comes from Thor being a god and although wielding the hammer can help him harness the force, he still has the power without it. As a rampaging Hulk started tearing through the Helicarrier, Thor stepped in to fight the rage-fuelled monster. Hulk vs. Hulk vs. is a double feature film released on January 27, 2009, and the sixth in the series. While Thor has been known to pull his punches, Hulk will not grant an enemy that luxury. The Hulk and Thor might be able to give him a run for his money, but at the end of the day, Homelander could overpower any member of the Avengers with ease. Below is a synopsis of "Thor: Ragnarok," per IMDb: Thor must face the Hulk in a gladiator match and save his people from the ruthless Hela. If this is true, then in theory if a fight between Thor and Hulk went on long enough with Hulk becoming increasingly more angry during it, he would become stronger than the god of thunder. As a rampaging Hulk started tearing through the Helicarrier, Thor stepped in to fight the rage-fuelled monster. The strongest Avenger might just be the one who can last the longest. Pages Media TV & Movies Movie Character BestClips Videos Thor Vs Hulk … However, it is often forgotten that Thor’s mother is the Elder Earth-Goddess Gaea. He has displayed this power a few times by creating powerful earthquakes, which can be effective in battle when he needs to physically separate a group of enemies. It is true that he is a slave to his emotions, but those emotions will never include empathy. These egos have often led to friction, as well as humorous jabs, as seen countless times in the various MCU films. The God Blast can destroy practically anything, including many immortal beings. Thor reuses the same hairpiece as the previous and the face is now beardless with yellow eyebrows and dual expressions: neutral and angry . He would unleash the full force on his opponent and destroy anything he has to in the process. Whatever the origin of the ability may be, it is an impressive display of power and must be considered in the debate of the strongest Avenger. He is also the primary wielder of Mjolnir. ... 2021, What If? Being a Norse god, Thor is well over 1,000 years old. He is one of the scientists who tried to recreate the Super Soldier Serum which originated Captain America in World War II, but when an exposure to high levels of Gamma Radiation instead of Vita Radiation went awry, the mild-mannered scientist found himself plagued with a peculiar condition; when angered or provoked, he would transform into the rage-fueled and nearly mindl… Although Hulk is also incredibly invulnerable, he is affected by certain toxins and can even be knocked out by specific gases. In the 1972 comic Defenders #1, the Hulk is struck down by the magic of the Nameless One. RELATED: When Does Avengers: Infinity War Arrive on Disney+? While the Hulk has the ability to increase his strength during a fight, Thor (as the strongest of the Asgardian gods) starts the fight with a higher base level of strength. Hulk can still be manipulated through trickery, as Loki has proven, but when it comes to psychic control, his mind is a steel trap. When Does Avengers: Infinity War Arrive on Disney+? If Hulk was able to extend a fight against Thor long enough, the Asgardian god would eventually tire before Hulk. This is an important factor when combined with Thor’s arrogance and track record of pulling punches. It is difficult to quantify exactly how fast Thor is able to fly. He is an avid statue and Funko Pop! However, in Avengers: Infinity War, things might have been quite different if Heimdall would have chosen Thor instead of Hulk. Thor has an incredibly high level of invulnerability. Thor can attack with magic and energy of his own, which gives him a big edge, if he chooses to use it. A power that not everyone remembers the Hulk has is his life-giving blood. Although this ability wouldn’t help Hulk in a fight one-on-one against Thor, we think it is a worthy power to be mentioned in the debate, particularly if Hulk was fighting as part of a team. Vol. The only way Thanos beat him OR the Hulk is because of the stone. Destroyer_(4K)_Hunter. This results in a body that can inflict a lot of damage. Born on Asgard, Thor is the son of King Odin, and is next in line for the throne. Although Thor’s superhuman sense are rarely highlighted, he is actually one of the most sensitive beings in the Marvel Universe. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. However, in the seventh episode of Season 1 of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which was based on a storyline in the comic New Avengers issues #1-3, Hulk is able to resist the powers of Graviton. Thor doesn't require oxygen to breathe and is immune to all kinds of temperature extremes.